In Gold Rush, we have the services of the highest quality fine jewelry market. We work from large pieces of jewelry to the most exquisite diamond. We adapt to your needs. More than 25 years of experience guarantee our career. Do not hesitate to contact us and explain your wishes. Among others, the services offered are:

Creating exclusive jewelry:

Let us do the design you have in your mind. Our team of designers and jewelers make their dreams come true. Including the interpretation of their design, modeling, 3D design is made for the best idea of ​​the final result. Dream about your perfect gem and we will convert it into reality.


We ensure that your piece as good as new. We weld, set and engrave your most cherished jewelry. Placing stones, tear and wear of precious metals. Your jewel will be like new, regaining its original appearance.


Customize your jewels and leave a message on them for life. Important dates, names to be remembered, or drawing figures. Our laser system or by hand with a chisel, allows fine and appropriate to each area of ​​the jewel work. Say what you feel through a jewel, open your heart over time the beauty of the eternal.

Counseling and testing:

In Gold Rush, we provide advisory service to dispel doubts as to take

reference to: precious metals, gems, diamonds, etc. Our customer will have the opportunity to meet, assess, identify and support their jewelry. This knowledge will give you a broader view of the different sales channels and the highest value obtainable on the market vision. All our assessments, are treated with rigor, discretion and professionalism. We are experts.

The expert assessment, we can help in cases of:

· Insurances
· Inheritances.
· Economic assessments.
· Legal expert.
· Appraisals.
· National and international sale.
· Auctions.


We give a new life to your old jewel. We transform an old gem in a sophisticated piece. Full of life and beauty. We make exclusive pieces raw material advantage other antique pieces. If you have an old gem that would like to change to suit their new tastes, our jewelers will make your wishes or the person wants to give reality. Trust our goldsmith workshop has the most modern machinery of the market and more experienced hands jeweler world.